Mission and Objectives

Who We Are

The Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA) comprises twelve auto plants which manufacture automobiles, light and heavy commercial vehicles and buses in Argentina.

Its members are: FCA Argentina S.A., Ford Argentina S.C.A., General Motors de Argentina S.R.L., Honda Motor de Argentina S.A., Iveco Argentina S.A., Mercedes-Benz Argentina S.A., Mercedes-Benz Camiones y Buses S.A.U.; Nissan Argentina S.A.; PSA Peugeot Citro├źn Argentina S.A., Renault Argentina S.A., Scania Argentina S.A., Toyota Argentina S.A. and Volkswagen Argentina S.A.

ADEFA was founded on September 29 th, 1961 to the purpose of:

  • To encourage investment
  • To increase production
  • To improve competitiveness
  • To increase production
  • To promote the international integration
  • Among the various actions taken by ADEFA, they stand out those related to the promotion of complementarity and specialization in the automotive sector in MERCOSUR, where meet and plays an active role in achieving this end.