Toyota: 20 years of production in Argentina

Toyota wrote a new chapter of its history in Argentina. It celebrates 20 years of Hilux and SW4 production while it continues its position as base of manufacturing and export of its vehicles to all Latin America.

Toyota Motor Corporation on March 21st 1997 inaugurated its production plant number 29 in the world, which became the first Japanese investment in the Argentine automotive industry. In these 20 years, more thanUS$2,000 million were invested in the plant of Zárate. At the present time, the facilities have a productive capacity of 140,000 units -from which 70% is intended for export markets- and a staff of 5,000 employees.

In the framework of this celebration, the company presided by Daniel Herrero confirmed that it would increase by 20% the production in 2017, with more investment and more employment. “The commitment is to continue growing, reaffirming every day a long-term view and the sustainability of this project. They are already over 5,000 people working to consolidate the basis of the company, and more than 20,000 people who do it indirectly to support the whole operation”, Herrerohighlighted.

Chronoloy 1997 • 2017

In 1997 the production started in the Plant of Zárate, province of Buenos Aires. With a staff of more than 400 employees, 10,000 units were manufactured during the first year.

·       In 2000 50,000 units were reached. During 2001, having achieved a 30.9% share in the pick-ups’market with more than 66,000 units produced, Toyota Argentina launched to the market the new Hilux with modifications in the motor, safety and design. For this project, an investment of 30 million dollars was made and 150 new Jobs were incorporated.

·       During 2002, Toyota announced a 200 million dollar investment turning the plant of Zárateinto platform ofmultipurposevehicle production and exportto Latin America.

·       In 2003 100,000 produced units were reached.

·       The investment announced in 2002 was consolidated in 2005 with the launching of the first vehicle of the Project IMV (Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle), the Hilux pick-up and in October of the same year the New SW4.

·       During 2006, Toyota increased its production to 65,000 units/ year, from which 75% was exported to more than 20 counties of Latin America and the Caribbean.

·       As part of the process of expanding the project IMV, in December 2010 Toyota announced a 126 million dollars investment, and more than 600 new directjobs for the enlargement of the productive capacity in the Industrial Plant of Zárate. In January 2011, Toyota Argentina celebrated the manufacturing of the unit number 500,000since the start of the operations in 1997. In November of this year the production of 92,000 units per year started.

·       In September 2013, Toyotaannounced a new productive investment of 800 million dollarsto expand the plant, to renew its vehicles and to improve the productive capacity to 140,000 units/ year.

·        In March 2016 Toyota Argentina celebratedthe inauguration of the expansionworks whichincluded the construction of a new rear axles plant, a new chassis plant, a new stamping plant, a new auto parts building, a Visitor Center and new logistics and container yards.

·       In 2016, it also announced four new export markets for its vehicles Hilux and SW4. This way, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia joined Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, also adding 12 new destinations of Central America and the Caribbean throughout the year.

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