Industry Report April 2019

In April the domestic production of vehicles was 30,294 units, 3.7% more compared to March and 33.9% below the figure recorded the same month last year.

The sector exported 20,532 vehicles, that is 2.6% less in its comparison to the previous month, and 3.2% more than the volume which was posted in April 2018.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 28,469 units, volume which was placed 15.5% below the previous month, and contracted 60.9% in comparison to the performance of April last year.

With 18 working days of activity, the automotive terminals produced 30,294 vehicles in April, which means 3.7% more than the volume recorded the previous March and 33.9% less than the 45,802 units produced in the same month last year.

Accumulated in the first quarter, the sector reached 106,986 units produced (cars and utility vehicles), a 31.6% drop compared to the 156,400 units that were produced in the same period of the previous year.

The volume of exported vehicles during the fourth month amounted to 20,532 units, reflecting a 2.6% drop in relation to March. If the comparison is with the same month of 2018, the sector recorded a 3.2% improvement in shipments.

Between January and April, 68,451 vehicles were exported, an 11.4% fall compared to the same period last year when 77,245 units were shipped to various markets.

Continuing with the data recorded in April, the sector marketed 28,469 units to its dealer network, 15.5% less in relation to March and a 60.9% drop in its comparison to April last year.

Thus, the cumulative figure in the first quarter reflects that the wholesale sale (dealers) posted 122,619 units, that is 57.8% less than the same period in 2018 in which 290,495 vehicles were marketed.

"As we have been anticipating, we must be cautious in order to provide a projection of the sector since these months continue having a high year-on-year comparative basis and with this, it leads to very significant drops in the main variables. Let us remember that, at this point in 2018, everything seemed to be heading to historical record volumes," explained the president of ADEFA, Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa regarding the behavior of the main variables during the first quarter of the year. "We should wait for the next months to be able to project the year," he added.

However, the executive noted that in this context we will have to see the impact of the measure published today in the Official Gazette and that through Decree 332 it establishes an increase in the aliquot of the statistical rate to 2.5 per cent.

"We analyze with great concern the extent of the statistical rate increase in production and marketing costs taking into account the situation the sector is going through and hoping that the same will not further deepen the fall in the activity" Peláez Gamboa noted.

Press 05/06/19.-

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