Industry Report October 2019

In October the domestic vehicle production was 31,834 units, 15% more compared to September and 17.7% below the record of the same month last year.

The sector exported 19,339 vehicles, that is 10.3% less compared to the previous month, and 12.2% below the volume that was posted in October 2018.

In wholesale sales, the automotive sector as a whole marketed 27,204 units to the dealer network, volume that stood 1.2% above the previous month's performance, and contracted by 26.9% in comparison with the performance in October last year.

With 22 working days of activity, the automotive terminals produced 31,834 vehicles in October, which means 15% more than the volume recorded in September and 17.7% less than the 38,659 units produced in the same month last year.

Accumulated in the first ten months of the year, the sector reached 273,164 units produced (cars and utility vehicles), a 33.3% drop compared to the 409,366 units that were produced in the same period of the previous year.

The volume of vehicles exported during the tenth month was 19,339 units, reflecting a 10.3% drop compared to September. If it is compared to the same month of 2018, the sector recorded a 12.2% contraction in shipments.

Between January and October, 187,362 vehicles were exported, which means, a 15% decline was recorded in comparison to the same period last year when 220,365 units were shipped to various markets.

Continuing with the data recorded in October, the sector marketed 27,204 units to its dealer network, 1.2% more in relation to September and a 26.9% drop in its comparison to October last year.

Thus, the annual accumulated shows that wholesale sale (dealers) stood at 318,423 units, that is 47% less than the same period in 2018 in which 600,303 vehicles were marketed.

Press 11/05/19.-

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