ADEFA appointed its new presidency 2019-2020

Gabriel López, president of Ford Argentina S.C.A., was unanimously elected to chair the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA) for one year. He will be accompanied in the vice presidency by Federico Ovejero (General Motors of Argentina S.R.L) and Daniel Herrero (Toyota Argentina S.A.), as Secretary.

Like this it was determined during the Annual Assembly of ADEFA, held today, after the new Board of Directors was constituted, which is completed with the other representatives of the Associates, as members: Cristiano Rattazzi (FCA Argentina S.A.), Seiji Saito ( Honda Argentina S.A.), Marcus Cheistwer (Iveco Argentina S.A.), Manuel Mantilla (Mercedes-Benz Argentina S.A.), Gonzalo Ibarzabal (Nissan Argentina S.A), Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa (Renault Argentina S.A.), Rodrigo Pérez Graziano (PSA Peugeot Citroen Argentina S.A.), César Luis Ramírez Rojas (Scania Argentina S.A) and Thomas Owsianski (Volkswagen Argentina S.A.).

During the assumption of the new Triumvirate, López reviewed the agenda items and focused on the challenges and opportunities presented for the automotive sector.

"The Argentine automotive industry has big challenges ahead at a time when our sector is going through a process of disruptive transformation like never seen in the last 100 years", Lopez said, adding that  "from ADEFA we are very excited to work alongside the entire value chain in developing a vision and a holistic strategic plan that enables the Argentine automotive industry to accompany this global transformation and to continue being a relevant player in the national economy as a development agent that transfers technology, gives quality work, generates currencies, among others, contributing to the development of the country".


CV.- Gabriel López joined Ford in 1981 in the area of Product Engineering. Throughout his 38 years at Ford, López served in leadership positions in various business areas in Argentina as abroad, including the positions of Marketing and Sales Director in Argentina and Marketing and Sales Director of South Africa.

Later, between 2007 and 2010 he was president of Ford Venezuela, then held the position of president of Ford Mexico in 2010, a position he held until assuming the presidency of Ford Argentina on July 1, 2018.

López was born in Carlos Paz, Province of Córdoba, graduated as an Electromechanical Engineer at the University of Morón in 1988 and obtained an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from ESEADE in 1991.


Heading (left to right): Federico Ovejero (vice-president), Gabriel López (president), Daniel Herrero (secretary).

Press 11/07/2019

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