Industry Report June 2016

In June the domestic production of vehicles was 41,655 units, 19.8 % less as regards the same month last year and 4.7% more as regards May.
The sector exported 14,472 vehicles, 47.1% less with respect to the performance in June 2015 and 20.5% below last May.
In total sales, the sector marketed 63,192 units, volume which was placed 9.2% above regarding June of last year and 4.7% more if it is compared with the preceding May.

The automotive terminals produced 41,655 units in June. This figure was placed 19.8% below the 51,955 units which were produced in June 2015 and 4.7 % more if it is compared with the 39,768 which were produced last May. In the first six months, the sector produced 224,038 vehicles, that is 14 % less than the volume recorded between January and June of 2015, which was of 260,411 units.

In terms of foreign market, the automotive companies exported 14,472 units last month, 47.1% below the 27,339 vehicles which were exported in the same month of 2015 and 20.5% less than the 18,199 exported in May.

In this way, the sector ended the first half of the year with a total of 88,633 units delivered to different markets, 30.9% less than the volume which the sector recorded in the same period of 2015.

“Having reached a new Automotive Agreement with Brazil until 2020 gives the automotive industry the necessary predictability to plan the business and the investments in the medium term. In the short term, the market situation of our main commercial partner continues at the lowest level of the last decade having an impact on the industrial activity level in Argentina”, explained Enrique Alemañy, president of the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA) as regards the performance of  these first six months.

Another of the measures which will allow to encourage the improvement of the automotive industry’s competitiveness is the adoption of the Law of Creation of the Development Scheme and Strengthening of the Argentine Car Part Trade, currently under discussion in the Senate. “From ADEFA we always encourage the joint work of all the links in the value chain and the public sector in the development of proposals as the one approved in the Chamber of Deputies”, said Alemañy and he added that “it is necessary to continue with the implementation of this kind of public policies to support the development of the local car part production competitively and to promote its insertion in external markets”.

In this regard for the executive, a developed car part industry and with high tech level, quality and competitiveness “is the key for the strengthening of the international insertion of the national automotive industry”.

Continuing with the analysis of the performance of automotive sector, In June 63,192 vehicles were marketed to the net, 9.2% more as regards the 57,867 units sold in June 2015 and 4.7% above the 60.360 units which were marketed last May. 

Between January and June, the sector marketed to the net 346,204 vehicles, which means, 24.8% above the volume recorded in the same period of 2015.

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